Choosing The Right Tow Bar

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Installing a mobile tow bar to your vehicle is a brilliant idea you can take for your vehicle. However, before you choose particular tow bar, you have to educate yourself about the numerous types of mobile tow bars available in the market. All tow bars are basically the same, but there are 3 distinct styles – Detachable, Bolt Flangeball and Swan Neck.
Each type of tow bar has its own features and strengths. You have to choose a tow bar based on your requirements and preferences. However, determining on the type of tow bar that is right for your requirements is a bit confusing task. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each tow bar type and then make a well informed decision.
• Bolt Flangeball: It is a fixed tow bar, commonly found in the market. It has multiple coupling options, huge cycle carrier options and easily accessible towing electrics. Downsides include always visible electrics and towball. Besides this, this tow bar can conflict with a fitted parking auxiliary.
• Detachable: The neck and ball of this tow bar is fixed by a locking system while towing. These parts can be removed within seconds once towing is accomplished. This type of tow bar does not conflict with parking auxiliaries as well as provide an aesthetic appearance. Downsides include, limited cycle carrier options and the electrics is not easy to access.
• Swan Neck: This tow bar has a permanent fixture and the electrics are less visible when compared to Bolt Flangeball tow bar. Downsides include, conflict with parking auxiliaries, limited cycle carrier options and difficult to access electrics. 
Other auto accessories
Apart from these major types of towbars, there are also accessories that you can purchase for your vehicle.
Cycle rackThis is used to carry the 4 cycles of your vehicle at a time.
Universal Couplings It offers a range of towball mounting heights.
Tow stepsThis accessory offers simple access to the back of the vehicle as well as the roof storage areas.
If you have gathered an idea about the type of tow bar suitable for you, you have to consider buying a Piezo Buzzer. This is a low-cost device as well as an essential safety measure that keeps you safe and allows you tow by warning you when the trailer detaches from the vehicle.
Buy these accessories from the most reputed and established shop or company. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors for references. Look for word of mouth advertisements as these are first hand information about quality oriented shops. Look at online sources like review sites to find some genuine feedback and testimonials posted by previous customers about particular companies or brands.