Different Types Of Truck Weigh Scales

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Are you a truck driver? If you travel between states, then you would have seen truck weighing stations that ensure that trucks on the road are not surpassing the maximum weight regulated by law for safety reasons. These stations help the government to calculate the tax levied on a certain truck.

Tax amount is determined on the basis of the weight of the products that are being shipped. The amount of amount allowed to ship through truck is varying from one state to another. Truck weighing stations serve the government to determine an estimate of the wear and tear of the truck over the interstate highways. See this page to know more regarding axle weigh pads.

Wear and tear estimate is later charged a part of the tax that the trucks pay and the part goes to the interstate for maintenance. Weighing stations use truck scales of various types. Load cell scale is the most important and popular weighing scale. This scale employs steel or other hard materials to make each cell that operates the scale.

A strain gauge is placed on the scale, which has a wire to send electrical currents. Current is changed each time when a weight is put on to the cell. Recorded amount of current is sent to the junction box, which later uses the value to measure the amount of weight that was placed on the scale and send a reading.

Bending plate system is another important and common type of truck weigh scales system. This is similar to the load cell scale, but it does not have cells to calculate weight. It has metal plates for the task along with strain gauges. When the truck is driven to the scale and amount of stress is placed on the plate, the strain gauge calculates the weight and use the information to measure the weight of the truck.

Choosing truck weigh scales

There are many different kinds of weigh scales to measure the weight and stress of trucks that are moving on highways. With many choices, choosing the most appropriate truck scale is a difficult task.

• First of all, you have to do some thorough research on available truck scales for sale in the market.

• Consider the nature of goods you are moving and route you will go through.

• Take care of the laws and regulations regarding truck weighing in the region you are moving through.

• Ask experts for recommendations and contact your friends and acquaintances for references.

• Visit websites of popular and reputed truck scale companies and services for assistance and advice.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to choose the most appropriate and affordable truck weigh scales for your vehicle.