How an Equipment Room Should be Designed?

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When we talk of an equipment room, it is usually referring to a dedicated space in an office or a building where telecommunications devices and computers are housed. The room might have several names like central apparatus room, data or a server room. The equipment room can house a radio or broadcasting devices as well, depending upon the nature of the service of an organization.

For large organizations

The equipment rooms take on different connotations when it comes to businesses or college campuses. Here the nudge bars in an equipment room would house several server systems, networking services and components as well as different types of telecommunication devices. Devices that are used for the department or separate buildings are usually housed in separate data or telecommunication rooms. For smaller office requirements a corner or a small, enclosed space might be enough to house the server racks and related equipment.

Layout of equipment rooms

The layout of the equipment rooms varies as per the kinds of equipment that need to be stacked and in what order. The nudge bars and UTE racks are usually fundamental for storing the equipment as well as to keep the cables in an organized manner. The equipment usually generate a lot of heat while working and hence, air conditioning is required in these spaces as well as temperature control to ensure that an optimal temperature is maintained which will keep the equipment working optimally. In case the temperature falls or the conditioning stops working, the equipment might fail and even catch fire. For that reason there are controls systems designed and rigged with an equipment room which sends alerts when the systems are not in sync or the temperature is out of control.

Regulations for an equipment room

There are certain norms and safety compliance that are laid down for those who work in an equipment room. In order to maintain safety and ensure proper working of the systems, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the room within a certain temperature range and alarms need to be set when the temperature control is not working. The room also needs to be built in a way that fire can be prevented even if the rest of the building has caught on fire. If the server room is protected business data is saved and losses are prevented.

Location of equipment room

Nowadays the equipment rooms are housed so that exit can be found in case of emergency situations. There might be shut down facilities incorporated so that the server systems can be protected in case of theft or fire hazards. The rooms are usually controlled by security access codes so that only authorized personnel can enter and access the equipment and server systems.