Some Questions Car Owners Ask Dent Removal Technicians

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Car body work shops have to deal with all kinds of customers on a daily basis. There are those who will worry about the slightest dent on their car while there are those who don’t give a care and would run around in their damaged car until rust starts gathering.

Most of these people always have questions about paintless dent removal. However no matter the question, a good car body shop should be able to answer and possibly give advice to their clients on how to manage future dents. What follows are some questions car owners with damaged cars often ask the workers at the body shop. Visit this link if you want to have an additional data about paintless dent removal in Sunshine Coast.

How is the dent removal done?

Trained technicians use the best equipments to massage the dented area back into place.

Is the method of dent removal going to damage the car paint?

Definitely not, most paints manufactured today are very elastic and can withstand a lot of impact. However, to ensure no damage is done to other parts of the car, only trained professionals are allowed to do the paintless dent removal.

Must I use my insurance body repair shop?

Definitely no, you have the right as the owner of the car to choose your own repair shop. Do not feel pressured to use a repairer proposed by your insurance company.

Is it possible to fix all kinds of dents?

Not really. The size and extent of the damage caused by the damage has to be determined. Sometimes it may be possible to fix a large dent that is only on the surface than a small one that has gone deeper. Whether or not a dent can be fixed will not only depend on how deep it has penetrated but also on the location of the dent.

How can my car benefit from this method of dent removal?

Your car will not only benefit from the aesthetics, it will also benefit from quality repair that does not touch on the car’s original paint. It is also a cost effective way of removing dents compared to other methods.

Will the dent disappear?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of damage that was done in the first place. For dents that were minor, they could be completely removed. Those that were deeper may be more difficult to completely remove. Nevertheless if the right procedure is used to remove the dent, it will be hard for someone to notice it was there in the first place.

Is the dent going to reappear?

No it wouldn’t. if done correctly, the dent will be gone for good. If the removal was improperly dent, the dent area could develop a circle around where the dent used to be. This will not happen if the proper removal procedure was used.