What You Need To Know About The Roadworthy Inspection

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When you buy an old car or you want to sell yours, you have to undergo a roadworthy inspection to acquire the certificate which says it is safe to use the car on national roads. If a police officer stops you by the road for a physical problem you might also be asked to obtain a worthiness certificate. This document can only be obtained from a roadworthy certified service – you have to find a service which can undergo such inspection, as not all services are licensed to do it.

Find a Licensed roadworthy serviceFinding a licensed service is not as simple as it sounds: you might allow the mechanic to check your car and he might charge you for a roadworthy certificate even if he is not entitled to do so. Before you allow anyone to check your car, make sure you see the license.
The roadworthy is not a full inspection
Don’t rely on the roadworthy certificate to certify your car doesn’t need any major repairs: the inspection only covers the minimum physical requirements which allow your car to travel on national roads. This means you might have to repair other faulty elements of the car, even if it passed the roadworthy inspection.
If your car fails the inspection, you will have to make the repairs
If the car fails the roadworthy inspection you need to make the repairments in order to receive the certification, otherwise you will not be able to drive the car. After the repairs are done, you will pay for another inspection to receive the certificate. The best way to save on these is making the repairments at the same service, as the mechanics will apply discounts for the second inspection, as they already know the car will pass it. Or, at least, they might do it.
What does a roadworthy inspection covers
Now that you know the roadworthy inspection doesn’t cover all the major elements which make your car function, you need to know what it covers.
To be able to travel on the national roads, a car needs to have proper wheels and tyres. A tyre which shows signs of hard ware like thin rubber layer, is prone to explosions or other malfunctions which can lead to deadly accidents.
The steering, suspension service and brake system are other elements which can jeopardise your safety on the road, especially in situations when you have to avoid driving over a child running after his ball. The condition of the seats and seatbelts are also inspected. Other essential elements are the lights, windscreens and windows – poor vision can lead to accidents.
Last, the condition of the engine and the overall state of the car are inspected during a roadworthy.